Sale Price: $12.90  SAVE $1.50
Country: Australia
Sku #: 13129
ml Size: 750
Availability: 3568
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot
Tasting Notes:
A highlight of this wine is the rich dark berry fruit flavours of raspberry and blackcurrant as well as ripe plum. This is balanced with caramel and vanilla oak characters that finish the wine perfectly.
Sale Price: $12.92  SAVE $1.50
Country: Australia
Sku #: 15779
ml Size: 750
Availability: 3114
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
Tasting Notes:
Bright, fruity and very Australian, this Pinot Grigio guarantees a g'day mate. Bang full of tropical fruit flavours - melon, pineapple and peach - there's a little bit of spice in there too. Match to a chicken risotto or paella for a night in.
Sale Price: $25.78  SAVE $3.00
Country: Australia
Sku #: 16119
ml Size: 1500
Availability: 1144
Varietal: Muscat
Tasting Notes:
A deliciously refreshing 'frizzante' style wine delicately spritzed with vibrant sherbet flavours balanced with a lively and soft fruit sweetness.
Sale Price: $17.82  SAVE $2.00
Country: USA - California
Sku #: 15228
ml Size: 750
Availability: 1452
Varietal: Petite Sirah Blend
Tasting Notes:
Our Apothic Dark was bottled as a limited edition, The dark is a richer blend that offers less fruit but has more tannins that stay with you awhile. This is a teeth-stainer. It combines petite sirah, teroldego and cabernet sauvignon.
Sale Price: $13.38  SAVE $1.50
Country: Argentina
Sku #: 6962
ml Size: 750
Availability: 1700
Varietal: Malbec
Tasting Notes:
A soft, full bodied wine with ripe berries and plum flavours with an elegant touch of smoke and vanilla from its contact with wood. This wine is an ideal complement to roasted red meat and pasta dishes with tomato sauce.
Sale Price: $14.61  SAVE $1.00
Country: Spain
Sku #: 15629
ml Size: 750
Availability: 1235
Varietal: Tempranillo
Tasting Notes:
Bright ruby red, mellowing to brick red at the edges. A range o characteristics can be identified on the nose - pepper, balsamic, leather, tobacco and black cherry fruit. Medium-bodied palate with elegant, rope flavours and excellent depth.
Sale Price: $17.59  SAVE $2.00
Country: New Zealand
Sku #: 7020
ml Size: 750
Availability: 1436
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Tasting Notes:
Pale straw in colour, full-bodied and displays lifted passionfruit and grapefruit aromas, with overlaying mineral notes. The palate displays tropical passionfruit with background citrus flavours. It is full with great length of palate and succulent mouth-feel balanced with fresh acidity.
Sale Price: $11.98  SAVE $1.50
Country: Canada
Sku #: 15139
ml Size: 750
Availability: 1004
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz
Tasting Notes:
Clear, medium ruby colour; aromas of strawberry, cherry, spice; dry and medium bodied; flavours of dark cherry, spice, oak; medium finish.
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