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Better For You – Top Picks!

Expert Picks

Andrew Facey

Every January, people make a resolution to cut calories, lower their sugar intake, eat clean and live a healthier lifestyle after indulging over the holiday season

In recent years, the beverage alcohol innovation movement has been driven by consumers’ pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. The “better for you” trend can now be seen across all categories. New products look to incorporate real fruit juices, low calorie, low sugar and lower ABV (alcohol by volume) options that allow consumers to drink and adhere to a healthier life style.

Check out this week’s top “Better For You” options below:

Bio: Andrew, NLC’s Senior Product Knowledge Consultant, joined NLC in 2008 after a successful 15 year career as a fine-dining waiter. As a certified Sommelier, Andrew has taught many NLC employees and customers the first two levels of the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) program and is qualified to teach WSET (Wine and Spirit Educational Trust) classes. While wine is his primary forte, he is also very well versed in spirits through his WSET training (Honours) and has achieved the first level of the Cicerone program, with proven experience in selecting today’s wide range of beers.

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Andrew’s Picks: