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Easter Pairings

Expert Picks

Winter has been reduced to (not so) fond memories, and Spring is certainly imminent. Soon we’ll be regaled with birdsongs and crocuses, sure to be followed by late April Blizzards.

The arrival of Easter is an easy distraction to the uncertainty of our climate. This is such a great time, from a food pairing perspective. Traditionally we have two very different meals that can benefit from the addition of the right wine. If you aren’t a wine drinker, it’s worth trying with foods. It’s incredible how much wine can enhance your meal, and your meal can enhance your wine.

Firstly, Fish and Brewis is a personal favourite of mine. Relatively simple yet heart-cloggingly delicious. This meal is made for Albarino. This crisp, cool and refreshing Spanish offering completes just about anything with seafood. Rosé such as Villa Wolf Pinot Noir or Chateau Beaulieu is also a great pairing.

Not to be overlooked is what I usually have on Easter Sunday – Turkey Dinner. Traditionally, sweet German Riesling is the first bottle to be reached for (that, or an off-dry Vouvray from the Loire Valley). One of my guilty pleasures is discovering non-traditional pairings. My first choice for Turkey is Chianti. Just thinking of the sour cherry and cranberry flavour from these Tuscans is making my mouth water. Who needs Cranberry Sauce? Pinot Noir also works great with this meal.

This year for me will be Duca di Salaparuta Lavico Etna Rosso. A different wine from different region, and a new addition to our recently updated Specialty Selections. This is elegant enough to go with white meat and flavourful enough to hold up to the myriad savoury side dishes.

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