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Expert Picks for Weddings

Your Big Day is fast approaching, your guest list has RSVP’d, the venue and caterers are booked; shoes, centerpieces, the cake topper, the guestbook and your photo booth supplies are all ready to go, but how much thought have you put into your wine list? Have you created a signature cocktail? Do you know what bottle of bubbly you’ll be popping for your first toast as a married couple? You don’t want that first glass to be sour grapes.

When picking out these wines remember you want them to be crowd pleasing, easy drinking wines that anyone can enjoy so stay away from anything too powerful or too sweet. The second feature you will want to look for is value, I know you want to save some spending money for the honeymoon! Remember that we have large format wines that can offer added value, such as our box wines, which are often overlooked but can be budget friendly. It’s also great to keep in mind that we have monthly sales, so a few months out from your wedding you should start looking at these sales so you can stock up at the best price.

Signature cocktails are an exciting addition to any event. The possibilities are endless and while this can seem overwhelming, I suggest simplifying by picking one product or flavour profile and building your drink around that. For example, you could pick a liqueur from a country you and your partner have visited, or a flavour you are both partial to and create a drink around it by adding sparkling water or wine. Alternatively, you can take a tried and true cocktail and add an extra layer to make it your own, like coconut to a White Russian or elderflower in a mimosa. Top it off by finding a unique garnish and naming it after yourselves!

Remember not to overlook your sober friends! It is socially responsible to make sure there are exciting non-alcoholic options for those who don’t drink or who may be driving the night of the wedding, beyond a Shirley Temple. Find exciting juice flavours like guava or passionfruit and mix with sparkling water or tonic water. Check out the non-alcoholic beer selection in the supermarket (the selection is great) and make sure every guest has something satisfying to sip on.

Lastly, please know that we are always here to help. You can visit any NLC location and find a happy and helpful staff member, ready to give you a hand or answer your questions. In addition, if you really need someone with the knowledge to go above and beyond to curate a bespoke beverage menu you can visit me at NLC Merrymeeting Road or my incredible Product Knowledge Consultant colleagues at our Kelsey Drive, Stavanger Drive and Howley Estates locations.

Cheers and congratulations to the happy couple!