Gin – The Spirit of Alchemists

Expert Picks

This ancient drink has been the focus of much innovation in the past few years and we as consumers get to reap the benefits! While some gin purists might scoff at anything but good old London Dry, there is much fun to be had exploring all that is new and exciting. But we are getting ahead of ourselves and must start with the basics. Gin is a spirit that has been imbued with botanicals, the most common of which is Juniper, and typically comes with a flavor that is full of pine and lemon rinds. Gin is clean, crisp and fresh and lends itself well to what I call “low intervention” mixed drinks – those that only require 2 or 3 ingredients – Negronis, Gin and Tonics and Classic Martinis top among them. However, new products in this category have toned down the juniper notes in favor of more fruit forward profiles. You can see this in our Pink Gins, Orange Gins and berry flavored Gins. These options are better suited for fruity recipes, such as Gin Cosmopolitans or Gin and juice, but you can also drink them with just soda water and a slice of lemon or lime. Don’t like the fruity stuff? Try Seaweed Gin in a Spicy Caesar, which is one of my personal favourites. The possibilities with Gin are endless, so get mixing!

Product Knowledge Consultant
Alison French is the Product Knowledge Consultant at our Merrymeeting Road location. Alison has completed Levels One and Two of the International Sommeliers Guild and continues her education on all things wine and spirits through workshops offered by NLC. As one of the NLC’s resident gin experts, she is the perfect person to ask about this flavourful spirit – especially with International Gin and Tonic Day happening on Wednesday October 19th, 2022!