Holiday Wine Pairing Guide

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Andrew Facey

Finding the right wine for your holiday festivities doesn’t have to be challenging. Our experts have carefully selected a collection of wines that will help you impress even the most discerning guests.

Hors d’Oeuvres & Bubbles, Fresh Unoaked Whites or Rose!

Choosing the right wine to serve with H’ors d’Oeuvres can be challenging as there tends to be a lot of flavours and cooking styles going on.

Turkey Dinner & Fruity Reds or Off-Dry Whites

We suggest having a fruity red and an off-dry white on the table. Pour a small amount in each of your guest’s glasses and let them pick their preference.

Dessert & Sweet Wines

When pairing wine with dessert always go with sweeter in the glass than on the plate.

Christmas Cake & Moscato D’Asti

Typically you should try to match the weight of the wine to the weight of the dish, however that is not the case here. Pair a heavy Christmas cake or pudding with a light and effervescent wine.

Brunch & Bubbles or Sauvignon Blanc

Bubbles are a safe choice when pairing wines with brunch as there are typically a lot of flavours on your plate. If you are serving any smoked salmon or goat’s milk cheese then opt for a Sauvignon Blanc.

Versatile & Food Friendly For the Dinner Host

When gifting wine to a dinner host keep in mind the wine may be opened and enjoyed that evening. Opt for a versatile and food friendly wine with packaging that will stand out as a centerpiece on the table. Try Pinot Noir, Chablis, Rose or even Champagne!

Bio: Andrew, NLC’s Senior Product Knowledge Consultant, joined NLC in 2008 after a successful 15 year career as a fine-dining waiter. As a certified Sommelier, Andrew has taught many NLC employees and customers the first two levels of the International Sommelier Guild (ISG) program and is qualified to teach WSET (Wine and Spirit Educational Trust) classes. While wine is his primary forte, he is also very well versed in spirits through his WSET training (Honours) and has achieved the first level of the Cicerone program, with proven experience in selecting today’s wide range of beers.

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