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A Taste of Argentina

Unbeknownst to many, Argentina is the world’s fifth largest producer of wine. The Argentinian climate provides ideal grape-growing conditions therefore producers in this region can offer amazing wines of great value.

Published on
March 26, 2024

With the Andes Mountains providing desirable, high-altitude vineyards and ample run-off for irrigation, the vines thrive in ideal soils and climates – with many referring to Argentina as the “garden of Eden”, when it comes to grape growing and winemaking. The high-altitude vineyards, diverse microclimates, ample sunshine, and skilled winemaking traditions converge to produce grapes of remarkable intensity and flavour. Malbec, Argentina’s flagship grape, thrives in these conditions, showcasing deep fruitiness and velvety textures, while other varietals also excel, offering a rich tapestry of tastes. Argentine wines consistently deliver outstanding value and diversity, earning global acclaim and admiration. Next time you are looking for that perfect bottle, consider reaching for one of these fine Argentinian selections.