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Hot Trends: Bourbon

Bourbon is this summer’s spirit to enjoy, blending tradition with innovation. Check out a selection of some of the great bourbons available in our stores.

Published on
July 7, 2024

Its rich caramel sweetness, tinged with oak and spice creates a flavour profile that is both familiar and intriguing. Versatile and accessible, bourbon shines in classic cocktails like an old fashioned or a Manhattan. Beyond its traditional roots, bourbon now graces backyard barbecues and campfire sing-a-longs, welcoming all to its warm embrace. Craft distilleries add to the excitement, offering unique expressions for bourbon aficionados to explore. As the go-to choice for summer gatherings, bourbon embodies the simple joys of the season. Raise a glass, toast to bourbon, and savour the spirit of summer. Cheers!