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Tequila 101

This intensely flavoured spirit hails from Mexico and features the distinct and easily recognizable aromas and flavours of its base raw material – agave, or more specifically, blue agave. The recent boom in tequila is just getting started, with further innovation on the horizon.

Published on
March 15, 2024

Consumer demand for premium oak-aged tequilas and 100% agave expressions is on the rise, along with emerging trends in this versatile spirit. While tequila has traditionally been enjoyed in shots or classic margaritas, the ongoing tequila renaissance has led to its emergence in innovative cocktails. Many of the premium brands featured here are worth sipping and savouring on their own.


Also known as plato or silver tequilas, they have no minimum aging requirements and feature the bold taste of fresh agave, along with notes of citrus, grass, and pepper. These tequilas work well in cocktails, such as a margarita or a paloma.


Also known as oro or gold, and similar to a blanco, these tequilas feature a golden hue from the addition of colouring and additives for flavour. This smooth style of tequila is ideal served as shots.


Also known as aged or rested tequilas, they must be aged in American or European oak barrels for a minimum of two months, and up to a maximum of 12. Great as a shot, sipped neat, or as a dynamic and flavourful addition to a cocktail.


Tequila that is aged for a minimum of one year, and a maximum of three, in oak barrels with a limit of 600 litres. These complex tequilas exhibit oak aromas and flavours of baking spices. These tequilas shine best when drunk straight or on the rocks.


While not an officially recognized category, these tequilas are filtered to remove any colour from the barrel aging process. A great choice for those new to the category, as they are not too strong or spicy. These tequilas are great neat or poured over a single large ice cube.


While of Mexican origin and made from the agave plant, mezcal is different from tequila as they come from different regions and employ different production methods. Mezcals have a smoky aroma and unique flavours. These rustic spirits are best enjoyed neat, from a snifter, and garnished with an orange wheel.