Message from our President & CEO

To our NLC Customers and Employees

The depth of our commitment in the face of challenge is determined by the measures we take to keep our customers, communities, families and NLC team members safe. The circumstances we face today are some of the most unique and challenging we have ever encountered. But with your safety and well being as our overriding priority, we will ultimately prevail.

In addition to the normal measures we have always had in place to protect customers and staff, we have in the past couple of weeks taken unprecented steps across our entire NLC operations to help ensure that we are doing every thing possible so that anyone who works with us or anyone whom we serve are being afforded the protection that is necessary while this crisis persists. These measures include physical distancing protocols, enhanced sanitation measures, work-from-home arrangements where possible, and the expanded use of protective personal equipment. In addition, we have introduced a full suite of changes in our store operations that have included ‘order and pick-up’ processing, a limit of one customer in the store at a time, security staff at each retail location, plexiglass barriers, restricted payment methods, reduced staffing levels, staggered shift patterns and more. In fact, we are confident that our new store measures exceed those in place in any other province in the country.

I am also proud to tell you that Team NLC is stepping up to make a major contribution to our province’s broader crisis response strategy. We are repurposing our blending/bottling operation to produce hand sanitizer. In the coming days and weeks, we will produce more than 400,000 litres, and make it available at the direction of government to health care workers, first responders and other personnel on the front lines of tackling this pandemic. To me, this is an amazing example of showing the very best of NLC.

I want you to know that your health and safety is our key priority. We continue to monitor developments on a daily, and even hourly, basis. You rely on Team NLC to make our products available to you. But you expect us to do that safely and responsibly at all times, and especially under current circumstances. It is our commitment to you, our customers, and to you, our staff, that we will do exactly that.

This remains a complicated and rapidly evolving situation that reminds us that we are all part of a broader society with a responsibility to look out for one another. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to protect our employees and community, while making every effort to being there to serve you through this journey.

Be safe, be diligent, and take care.


Bruce Keating,
President and CEO