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Paddy’s Day Picks

Expert Picks

March 17th is a day we commemorate the patron saint of Ireland as well as Irish culture and heritage. St. Patrick’s Day is possibly one of the biggest holiday’s celebrated here in NL, so much so that some places have weeklong celebrations.

The province has had a long connection to Ireland starting with the cod fishery as far back as the 1700’s. Then in the early 1800’s the Irish started to settle here and planting the roots from which many of us – including myself – are descended from.

Pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. will be decked out in green and gold with local artists playing their favorite tunes all day long while patrons will enjoy their favorite libations with friends and family. There will be pints of Guinness, shots of Jameson’s, and even be a little Bailey’s for the morning coffee.

Aside from these standards we have a few other products that are definitely worth trying. So whether it is at a pub sipping a pint with friends or enjoying a drink at home with family I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable day.


John Ryan

Senior Product Knowledge Consultant