Forty Creek Confederation Oak Whisky

A celebration of both Canada’s 1867 Confederation, and Canadian ingenuity. This whisky is finished for up to 2 years in new Canadian Oak barrels, which have a tighter grain due to Canada?s colder climate, and impart a truly Canadian flavour profile. Appearance: The colour of old gold with huge whisky tears. Aromas: Constantly evolving aromas and flavours; beginning with maple-raisin-vanilla-fig, evolving with layers of praline, banana, butter cream, honeyed nuts, and orange blossoms., Lingers with dried dark fruits and anise. Flavour: Full bodied with vanilla, butter cream, pepper spice and framed with oak, walnut, and smoke. Finish: A long lingering finish with fading spice and white pepper. Silver ? 2022 Canadian Whisky Awards


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Forty Creek Confederation Oak Whisky

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