Samuel Adams ’76 6 Pack Cans

With Sam ’76, Samuel Adams has created a brew that utilizes both lager and ale yeast in an experimental type of fermentation process completed in Sam Adams experimental nanobrewery in Boston (where 2017 NY International Beer Competition gold medal winner Utopia is produced). Basically, brewers began with two active fermentations, one a base lager and the other an ale, and each with their own yeast strains. The base beers were then combined for a final maturation process for what an announcement by the brewery called “a tag-team fermentation.” The hybrid was then dry-hopped in late fermentation to arrive at the finished product – which, incidentally, took about a year of experimenting to finally achieve. IBU 12 ABV 4.7%


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United States



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6 x 355 mL




Golden/Blonde Ale

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