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Private Order Inquiries

Private Ordering is a service offered by the NLC in response to customer requests for products which are not regularly available in NLC Corporate stores. These products are for personal consumption and may only be resold by individuals or businesses possessing a valid liquor license.

To order regularly stocked products for same-day pickup at your local liquor store please check out the Online Orders page on our website.

Note:  Retail promotional programs (e.g. air miles) do not apply to Private Orders.

Private Order Policy

  • Cost

    The NLC will provide a written quote once contact has been made with the supplier. Total cost includes supplier cost after application of exchange rates, freight, duty, NLC mark up, bottle deposit and taxes. An administrative charge will also be applied at the rate of $24 per case plus applicable taxes based on twelve bottle cases for spirits and wine and $24 per case plus applicable taxes for twenty-four bottle cases of beer and refreshment beverages. Administrative fees do not apply to products purchased for resale by individuals or businesses possessing a valid liquor license.

  • Payment of Products

    The NLC requires 50% payment prior to placing the order, with the remaining 50% due after the order’s arrival at NLC’s warehouse. All sales are final and the customers purchase all product at their own risk.

  • Minimum Order Quantities

    The NLC requires that orders be in case lot sizes with the retail value of the total order not less than $200. There will, however, be instances where a supplier may require a higher minimum case order. The NLC has no control over a supplier’s minimum order requirement.

  • Procedures for Ordering

    Customers must submit the Private Order Enquiry form which is available below, at all NLC corporate stores or can be obtained from the NLC’s Head Office on Kenmount Road.

    The NLC will contact the supplier or their local sales representative to request pricing and minimum order quantities. Upon receipt of a response from the supplier the NLC will provide the customer with a written quote.

    Upon receiving written authorization and 50% payment from the customer, NLC will issue a Purchase Order to the supplier.

  • Delivery

    Once an order is placed the NLC will advise of the expected delivery date. The NLC assumes no responsibilities should the product not arrive by a specified date as there are many factors that can affect the shipment of product which are beyond the NLC’s control.

    The customer will be contacted once the product has arrived. The customer will pick up the product at the NLC Corporate store of their choice. The product will be held for 30 days after which it will be either returned to the supplier or sold at NLC’s discretion. There are no refunds for orders not picked up.

  • Laboratory Testing

    NLC will have all products tested to ensure the products meet federal standards and are free from contaminants. The cost of these tests are $200 plus applicable taxes per product. The test will usually involve no more than one bottle of each brand of product in the customer order. The test product must all be paid for by the customer. Product used in testing will not be returned to the customer.

    Laboratory testing can be waived by checking the box below.
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